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Welcome to Infragard - Maine

The Infragard Maine Member's Alliance is currently working hard to grow the chapter and bring more value to its members. We are currently working on meetings with key speakers each quarter rotated between Central, Southern & Northern Maine.

If you are willing to host an Infragard Maine meeting or have an idea for a topic that you would like to see at a future meeting, please contact one of the executive board members:

President - Ryan Connon
Vice President & Secretary - William DeLong
Treasurer - Barb Armstrong

Information about Infragard on a national level can be obtained at:

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Requesting Meeting Topics...

Please let us know what you are interested in!

For the past few years the executive board has tried to bring a variety of topics. We would like to know what the membership is interested in and then we can work to line up presentations and speakers.

Interested in Joining?

Interested professionals involved in critical infrastructure protection can sign-up and express their interest in joining the Maine chapter. After signing up, you will be sent details on getting access to our chapter website, secure message board and the National Secured Infragard web site. Sign-Up Here

We are in the process of creating this web site so check back reguarly. Current Infragard - Maine members may sign up for access to the secured chapter site & secure message board.